Teachers (K – 12) | For Educators

A great website for craft ideas for every grade level. It includes craft project ideas for every holiday, lesson plans, art techniques and more.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

A great site featuring math games for every grade level. The games span everything from teaching shapes to early age school children to teaching functions to high school seniors. You’ll find help to build a lesson plan and create a fun environment for learning.

EDSITEment | The Best of the Humanities on the Web

A great website for history. It offers lesson plans, primary sources, videos, and photos. And it’s all free!

National Science Teachers Association

This is a fantastic website for teaching science. Not only are there lesson plans, but the website features experiment ideas, journal articles and that latest news in the world of science.


A website containing educational videos teachers can use in their classroom! The videos cover all grade levels and subjects.

Scholastic | Interactive Learning and Reading Activities

Here is a great website for student activities for all grade levels. There are activities for writing, computer labs, games, quizzes and more!

Autism Research Institute

Click on “Archives: Past Webinars” on the left there are a lot of webinars, and they are all free.


PaTTAN has many years of webinars under the “training Series” dropdown. You can pick any school year. It does not have to only for the current school year. At the bottom is a course for those individuals who want the “paraprofessional” certificate.

CPR/First Aid Courses

CPR/ First Aid courses.  They cost $18.95, paid by you. Keep the electronic copy, and your wallet card will be mailed to you.

Epi-Pen/Allergy Certificate

Online course to help school staff members prevent allergic reactions.

Math & Reading Guide

Here is a quick guide of resources for math vocabulary and formulas, along with reading vocabulary and examples.


A great tool for substitute teachers featuring lesson ideas, training, classroom tips and more.

Substitutes Assessment

Assessment for the Substitute Teacher Tutorial. All scores will be emailed directly to you.

Emotional Support

Strategies to help students overcome their emotional barriers to learning.

School Counselor

Elementary School Counseling

A great assistant to elementary school counselors that offers tips/techniques to help students cope with bullying, moving to a new school, testing, etc.

School Counselor Resources

A great site that evaluates hundreds of publications, videos, posters, games and other materials to help elementary, middle and high school counselors to develop their counseling program.


Special Education

Teacher Resources | Special Needs

Here are free curriculum strategies and classroom management techniques to help students with special needs.

Do2Learn | Educational Resources for Special Needs

A great website that offers thousands of activities, games, art and more to help students improve on their social skills, behavior and learning.

National Education Association | Special Education

Provides industry news in regards to special education.

Autism Research Institute

Click on “Archives: Past Webinars” on the left there are a lot of webinars, and they are all free.

Strategies Guide

Here is a quick guide to common disabilities that are seen in schools, and how to help the individual student.

Auditory Processing

Here is a quick guide to help kids with auditory processing difficulties listen and learn more effectively.

Autism Support

In this guide, we provide some suggestions to facilitate interactions and provide a positive class experience.


The following ADHD teaching strategies will help students learn to the best of their ability in any classroom.

Asperger Syndrome

This guide is to help you understand and be able to respond effectively to the needs of children with Asperger Syndrome.

Down Syndrome

Teachers can use some of the tips and tactics in this guide in their classrooms to maximize the classroom experience.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Here are some strategies for keeping the peace and creating a happier, healthier classroom for all students.



National Resource Center for Paraeducators

A great tool for paraprofessionals! There are 6 different training manuals that provide tools to help better performance. Also, there are state resources and a message board so you can connect with other paraprofessionals nationwide.

Paraprofessional Training

Whether or not you have been in the classroom for years, or if it is your first time, this tutorial will introduce specific vocabulary you will hear in the classroom, along with descriptions of disabilities and strategies to use with the students.


Classroom Learning Support

This tutorial will explain a learning support classroom, specific students that typically are included in the classroom, along with strategies to use with the students.

Emotional Support Workshop

In this tutorial, you will learn about the emotional support classroom, specific students that usually are included within the classroom, and strategies to use with the students.

IEP Tutorial

This tutorial will explain the process of an IEP, the team members, and specific requirements that are to be followed by all teachers that work with the specific student.


Client Information


Here are some strategies for reducing the cost of your organization’s Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System and Healthcare benefits within your budget.