Struggling with day-to-day substitutes?

You’re not alone. Substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional shortages are plaguing districts all over the US, and it’s expected to get worse. Now, more than ever, districts need to partner with a school staffing agency that can attract, recruit, hire, and retain the best teachers and paraprofessionals available.

Why work with GHR Education to provide substitutes?

We take a dynamic, creative approach to recruiting and hiring great substitutes.

  • GHR is a Frontline (AESOP) partner, one of the most trusted platforms for substitute management
  • Allow our subs to work 5 days per week, increasing consistency and job satisfaction
  • Offer competitive health insurance and 401k to full time substitutes
  • Advertise and recruit on the most current social media platforms
  • Can take over current substitute pool – OR – work to supplement existing pool
  • Work with districts to facilitate emergency certifications when applicable
  • Cost effective staffing for long term subs
  • Former Special Education teachers on staff to match paras with IEPs
  • Credentialing managed to meet or exceed state requirements