PA | MA Office

Our local offices provide the GHR Education National Support Center a sourcing and recruiting network in key geographic markets, including our Pennsylvania and Massachusetts office located in Hazleton, PA. Providing valuable insight into the local market, these experts give us a physical presence to assist in our placement of highly qualified school paraprofessionals, teacher’s aides, substitute teachers, and school counselors.

Looking for education staffing agencies in Pennsylvania?

GHR Education has you covered. Our staffing managers are domain experts, so if you need education recruitment services throughout Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, you’ll always have a partner who understands school systems and the factors that make your local region unique.

Hazelton Office:

1201 North Church Street
Suite 213
Hazel Township, PA 18202

Please contact our National Headquarters for your staff or employment needs:

Toll-Free: 1-800-879-4471
General Fax: 610-834-7525 | 800-493-3400 | 570-454-6986
Human Resources Fax: 610-825-1604 | 888-701-2089
Payroll Fax: 610-834-3180 | 610-684-1022 | 888-834-7208